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Mission Statement of The Hilltop Fire District
We, The Hilltop Fire District, are committed to providing high quality fire services in partnership with the community through dedicated efforts and innovative programs.

Our success is critical for improving the quality of life in our community through promoting safety while maintaining respect for human dignity and the individual rights of our citizens
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Hilltop Fire District
Spartanburg, SC
Hilltop Fire District

A fire needs three components to exist: heat, fuel, and oxygen(O2). If any one of these elements are taken away, the growth and direction of that fire is altered, if not eliminated completely. Also, more times than not, the actual fire is not the most lethal part of this event; in most cases, it’s the production of dangerous gases as well as the reduction of other gases that causes these events to become deadly.

 A fire produces many dangerous chemicals that make up smoke. A major one is carbon monoxide (CO). Fires today burn much faster because of the heavy synthetics with which our furniture is built. With synthetics and the faster release of their fuel, the fires today are producing larger amounts of smoke and CO than ever before. Along with this faster release comes a limited time to escape.Many fires as well as research burns show the life-changing conditions that can exist just by closing a bedroom door. For a fairly long amount of time, a simple hollow-core bedroom door can provide refuge and stop the progression of the fire into that living space.